Vision, Goals & Values

SMGT can provide convenient, hassle-free Australian Apprenticeships to suit almost any business.

  • Recruit and screen applicants and bring a short-list of potential candidates to the Host Employer for final selection
  • Employ the Australian Apprentice and take responsibility for wages, taxation, leave, superannuation, Workers Compensation and all other administration
  • Co-ordinate off the job training and initiate training plans and contracts
  • Monitor and provide support to the Australian Apprentice and Host Employer throughout the term of the Australian Apprenticeship

SMGT is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1983 that operates as a Group Training Company. Apprentices and Trainees are employed under a training contract in which we manage and monitor their training whilst they are placed with a Host Employer.

Group Training provides a link between people wanting to obtain a trade qualification and employers looking for an Apprentice and Trainee.

Benefits of using SMGT

  • Fees can be claimed as a business expense
  • Applicants are interviewed and screened before you make the final selection
  • SMGT accepts all employment responsibilities
  • All WorkCover payments and claims management are handled for you
  • Induction programs are provided for OH&S, administration and workplace expectations
  • Taxation paperwork and group certificates are handled for you
  • Off-the-job training and TAFE enrolment is managed
  • Safety gear is provided
  • Work performance is monitored and assessed
  • All paperwork is managed
  • Your apprentice or trainee can be returned if work lapses

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