Mock Interviews – Robinvale College

SMGT had the pleasure of supporting Dale Harvey from the Northern Mallee LLEN in conducting Mock Interviews with 18 of the VCAL students from the Robinvale College.

Danica and Reece were able to provide a great experience for the students to learn about the different interview techniques and deliver feedback for them.

The students all did a great job at attending the interviews and answering each questions the best they could.

SMGT enjoy working with Dale and the Robinvale College and look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

School Visit at the Mildura Senior College

SMGT made a visit to the the Senior College Monday 7th March 2022 where they were able to sit down and speak with Nick Goodieson (Work Place Transition Coordinator) on what current vacancies we have going and how we can engage the students to help them when applying for Traineeships / Apprenticeships through SMGT.

Nick spoke to Danica and Reece about three particular students that are ready to leave school and hopefully gain an Apprenticeship in a field that best fits them. Both Danica and Reece were able to sit down with the students and have a genuine conversation about why they were looking at leaving school, what their interests were, and what vacancies we currently have up and running.

All three students were able to fill out and complete a registration form which allowed the SMGT team to have a closer at their interests and matched them up where we could with our current vacancies.

From that, all three students resumes were passed onto current hosts to look over. One of the students was given an opportunity to attend a interview with a host in Painting and Decorating.

Overall the visit to the Senior College was a great outcome. The SMGT team will be up at the Mildura Senior College each week to speak with the students and eventually get the host seat back up and running. This will allow students to stop by and speak to a team member to discuss Traineeships / Apprenticeships, what they might be interested in and how we can help.

SMGT looks forward to working alongside the Senior College and help out where we can.

Job Readiness Presentation – Robinvale College

On Wednesday 2nd March 2022 Dale Harvey, Northern Mallee LLEN SWL Coordinator conducted a Job Readiness Presentation at the Robinvale College in which allowed both students and teachers to have a closer look at some techniques that could be used when putting together a resume and cover letter. Students were also able to learn about what is involved in attending an interview and participate in a career quiz.

Danica Taliloa from SMGT was the guest speaker and supported Northern Mallee LLEN with their presentation. Danica has been a previous Trainee that has now successfully completed her Certificate III and Certificate IV in Business and was able to use this experience to reach out and relate to the students in the classrooms. Danica spoke about what is involved in attending an interview with SMGT and shared some small tips for the students to think about in the lead up to an interview. And also offered questions to ask during the interview process.

This is what Danica had to say about the day:

“It has been a pleasure being able to work alongside Dale and the Robinvale College and introduce some new techniques that the students will be able to take away with them wherever they go. The presentation was effective and engaging and an overall success. I look forward to working with both Northern Mallee LLEN and the Robinvale College very soon”.

If you would like help with knowing what interview questions can look like, give our local office a call on (03) 5022 1833. The team at SMGT look forward to hearing from you.