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10 Most Popular Apprentices and Traineeships For You

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There’s so many different pathways you can do for a career. But how are you meant to know what’s suitable for you?

Of course we all want to be an influencer but, let’s be real, it’s not looking like a potential career pathway. There’s university but being so rural means there’s plenty of headaches in regards to ‘where,’ ‘what’ and ‘how much’ questions. Mum and Dad might even push for you to get a full time job in the family business. There’s just so much to consider!

Apprenticeships (traineeships) are another career path that might be worth considering. In our eyes, it’s the best of all worlds. Apprenticeships (traineeships) offer study, like university, career experience, like an internship, and money, like a job at your family business!

The other perk of an apprenticeship (traineeship) is the variety of job opportunities. Apprenticeships (traineeships) offer jobs in all industries. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the apprentice community A-Z Guide for Australian Apprenticeships

There’s a common stereotype that apprenticeships (traineeships) usually lead to poor paying jobs… but this is totally not true! 

On average, VET graduates working full-time after training earn a median income of $56,000 compared to $54,000 for a university graduate. Apprentices (trainees) also don’t come with the burden of debt. 

This all sounds pretty promising but what type of areas could you get into? These are the popular certificates or apprenticeships (traineeships):

What does an apprenticeship look like?

An apprenticeship is a combination of work and study. A typical apprentice will spend 5 weeks at work and 1 week at tafe studying. Trainees will usually spend 3 hours a week studying their books and meet their trainer/teacher every 4 – 6 weeks to complete their bookwork.

Certificate III Business


The nationally recognised Certificate III in Business will empower you with the essential knowledge and skills you need to build your career in business services. Learn transferrable skills you can apply across a range of industries and business models with this exciting and practical course

Career Opportunities: 

  • Clerical officer
  • Customer service officer
  • General clerk
  • Payroll officer
  • Program administrator
  • Word processing officer

Industry Demand:

There’s a high demand for qualified and skilled office support staff. General clerks represent the second largest occupation in Australia and this is expected to increase by 14% by 2024/25. Be a part of this growth industry when you study the Certificate III in Business.

Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician

The digital age is creating an unprecedented demand for electricians specialising in telecommunications, instrumentation, security and electronic control systems, and information technology. Electrical trades and electronics influence almost every aspect of daily life. Studying at TAFE NSW means you’ll always work closely with technology to maintain, repair and create custom solutions. You can even connect your studies to a degree at a university, or study the TAFE NSW Associate Degree of Applied Engineering (Renewable Energy Technologies).

Certificate III Plumbing

The nationally recognised Certificate III in Plumbing enables you to develop in-demand skills that open doors to a variety of exciting career paths. Learn a wide range of practical skills, graduate with strong foundational knowledge and be ready to join the workforce as a trade-qualified plumber.

  • Plumber
  • Plumber and drainer
  • Plumber and gasfitter
  • Gasfitter
  • Roof plumber

Certificate III Carpentry

The nationally accredited Certificate III in Carpentry equips you with fundamental skills to become a carpenter and joiner in the booming construction industry. Work on a range of outdoor and indoor projects and champion sustainable, safe houses and buildings for Australians.

  • Carpenter
  • Joiner
  • Stair builder
  • Lead carpenter
  • Finish carpenter
  • Trim carpenter

Certificate III Dental Assistant

Sink your teeth into a fulfilling career as a dental assistant with the nationally accredited Certificate III in Dental Assisting. Contribute to the success of every area of the dental practice from assisting during dental procedures to cleaning and sterilising equipment, to learning key administration skills.

Career opportunities:

  • Dental assistant
  • Dental nurse
  • Dental assistant and receptionist

Certificate III Retail

The nationally recognised Certificate III in Retail gives you the essential skills and knowledge you need for a career in retail. If you want to be a sales assistant, customer-service representative or retail supervisor, this course is an ideal pathway for employment and further study.

Career opportunities:

  • Frontline sales assistant
  • Customer service representative
  • Shop assistant
  • Retail supervisor
  • Merchandise coordinator
  • Sales supervisor

Certificate III Production Horticulture

The nationally accredited Certificate III in Production Horticulture develops your professional horticulture skills as you learn safe work practices in tree cropping, vegetable production, chemical application and garden planning.

Career opportunities:

  • Gardener
  • Orchard farm hand grower
  • Vegetable grower
  • Horticulturist


Love the sound of a revving engine and to get your hands dirty? Then the nationally accredited Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology is for you. Learn to repair, maintenance and replace parts and become a trade qualified heavy diesel mechanic.

Career opportunities:

  • Heavy diesel mechanic
  • Heavy diesel technician

Certificate III engineering – fabrication 

The nationally recognised Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade is your entry point into the dynamic world of fabrications and the exciting industries that will rely on your knowledge. Learn valuable skills that can take you to new heights as a boilermaker, blacksmith, welder and much more.

Career opportunities:

  • Boilermaker
  • Fabrication trades
  • Pressure welder
  • Engineering patternmaker
  • Blacksmith

Certificate III engineering – mechanical

The nationally recognised Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade is your pathway to becoming a fitting machinist, fitter and turner or CNC machinist. Get ready to join in-demand industries like mechanical engineering, oil and gas drilling, Defence Force construction and power generation.

Career opportunities:

  • Blacksmith
  • Boilermaker
  • Fabrication tradesperson
  • Pressure welder

Certificate IV Business

The nationally accredited Certificate IV in Business equips you for the unique needs of business and corporate environments. You’ll gain broad business knowledge, learn financial reporting and develop leadership skills that will help you to seek new job opportunities

Career opportunities:

  • Team leader
  • Office supervisor
  • Project administrator
  • Office coordinator
  • Office administrators

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